Wild West Dogsport

Central California's DVG Schuzhund Club


“The greatest joy is to share what you and your dog have worked so hard to accomplishment: At the trial!”

Wild West Dogsport typically hosts two to five club trials every year. We hope you can join us soon for one of the trials we are planning!

Upcoming Events & Trials 2021/22:

October 1-3 2021 IGP Trial - Amanda Hoskinson (DVG)
November 3-7 2021 DVG National Championship - Judges/Helpers TBD
December 10-12 2021 IGP Trial - Melissa Hepler (DVG)
February 2022 IGP Trial - Date & Judge TBD
April 2022 IGP Trial - Date & Judge TBD

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Fall 2021 IGP Trial
Oct 1-3, 2021

Judge:            Amanda Hoskinson (DVG)
Helpers:         Certified National/Regional/Club Level Helpers
Location:        Big Valley Dog Training, 14886 Lombardy St., Delhi, CA 95315
Titles:            IGP I-III, BH, FH, Tr. I-III, Ob. I-III, Pr. I-III
Entries:          Accepted until September 29, 2021
Entry fees:    
                      Wild West Dogsport club members entry fees:
                      IGP titles: $110 BH: $90 Tr./Ob./Pr. $75 FH: $135
                      (Two Tr./Ob./Pr. entries with the same dog: $100)
                      Non WWDS member entries:
                      Entry fees: IGP titles: $140 BH: $100 Tr./Ob./Pr. $90 FH: $160
                      (Two Tr./Ob./Pr. entries with the same dog: $125)

Please note:

Upon submitting your entry form you will receive information how to pay your entry fees. We must receive your payment, entry form and proof of membership before you are added to the list of entrants and guaranteed a spot in the trial. Spots fill in the order that entries & fees are received.